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Moms who beat the odds 

Mother’s Day is almost here and Aunt Leah’s celebrates the mothers who come to our Thresholds houses when they face some of their life’s greatest challenges – homelessness and the risk of losing their children.  Their strength, determination and courage in taking charge of their lives is unparalleled.   
Thank you for supporting Aunt Leah’s to provide 3 homes for 18 moms and their children last year. Here is Chelsea’s story. 

Chelsea was a pregnant 15-year-old in foster care with nowhere to go. That was when Aunt Leah’s, stepped in.

“I don’t think I could have raised my daughter on my own without that help,” says Chelsea. “Aunt Leah’s has been like a family to me. They taught me how to take care of my baby and myself.”

Without the stable housing and support that Aunt Leah’s House offered, Chelsea would have been at risk of losing her baby to the child welfare system.

With Aunt Leah’s support, Chelsea learned life skills and how to care for her baby. She also went back to school and graduated from South Burnaby High school and then an aesthetician program.

After establishing a career as an aesthetician and successfully caring for her two children, Chelsea found herself homeless and without a job at the beginning of the pandemic. “It was brutal. I was renovicted, and the salon was shut down due to Covid. I was couch-surfing on a friend’s couch with nowhere to go. An Aunt Leah’s participant reached out to me, and I contacted them. They were so helpful.”

Chelsea moved into the Aunt Leah’s Laneway house with her two children. They are now in school, and Chelsea is upgrading her skills at college with hopes of opening her own salon.

“A strong mom can conquer any mountain, with her children by her side.”

Michelle Obama, Becoming, 2018