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Join an exciting and passionate organization

What We Do

Aunt Leah’s helps prevent children in foster care from becoming homeless and vulnerable young mothers from losing custody of their children. To support them on their journey to self-sufficiency, we provide supported housing, job training, and coaching on essential life skills.

Why Join Aunt Leah’s

  • You’ll tackle unique challenges

    No two days are the same at Aunt Leah’s. From front line youth support work to improving our internal systems and communicating our initiatives you’ll play a role in furthering our mission and helping our organization to grow.  We know that you will enjoy our team’s entrepreneurial spirit and creativity.

  • Your professional development matters

    Learning is essential and we offer lots of opportunities to learn together. Once a month, staff participate in focused workshops and discussions that enhance our ability to serve our participants, strengthen our organization and contribute to the community. As well you’ll receive the resources you need to move forward with your individual education and training.

  • You will be part of one of the Top Impact Charities in Canada

    Aunt Leah’s continues to be selected as a top Impact Charity, by Charity Intelligence year after year. 

  • You’ll become part of a greater mission

    The overrepresentation of BIPOC people in the child-welfare system in Canada is a result of years of colonial practices. We work to change this approach and reduce the number of kids who enter the foster care system. Aunt Leah’s uses research, data, and knowledge of lived experience to understand the challenges before us. We advocate and partner with other like minded organizations to build innovative solutions, raise awareness, and drive much needed systemic change.

  • We’ve got great leaders

    Our leadership team rolls their sleeves up,  lead by example,  recognize individual contributions and acknowledge each person’s unique strengths and challenges. Our combined experience, sense of humour, and development skills make it easy to get up and go to work every day.

    What We Offer

    • Generous Benefits Package

    • RRSP Matching Program
    • Generous Vacation Package
    • Personal Time

    • Employee Discounts at our Thrift Store

    As a certified living wage employer, we are committed to compensating our employees a living wage that allows working families to support the healthy development of their children and participate in the social, civic, and cultural lives of their communities. Embracing a living wage policy aligns with our Strategic Goals and provides our staff with a great place to work!