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Fall 2022 E-Newsletter

Fall 2022 E-Newsletter

It’s time for new beginnings and Aunt Leah’s fall newsletter!

With the school season starting, we’d like to place Aunt Leah’s SEFFY (Supporting Education for Foster Youth) program in the spotlight! The fall edition of our newsletter celebrates the educational achievements of our participants and the ongoing impact of our donors.

Read Andrea’s journey through the SEFFY program and how her experience influenced her to become a supporter. You’ll also learn about the positive impact that our donors’ contributions make in fulfilling the educational goals of foster youth.

Andrea’s Story | A Journey of Support to Giving Back


As summer comes to a close, a new chapter begins for those starting post-secondary this fall. Aunt Leah’s SEFFY (Supporting Education for Foster Youth) program works with participants throughout their educational journey. Aunt Leah’s provided support to Andrea after she had graduated from high school and begun her post-secondary education. The pressures of maintaining housing while attending university full-time led to Andrea seeking out Aunt Leah’s SEFFY program. SEFFY staff provided support for Andrea to access various funding sources so she could gain some financial stability while continuing with her program. Aunt Leah’s staff remained connected with Andrea, checking in with her periodically, about her health and wellbeing. When Andrea was having difficulty navigating the post-secondary education system, SEFFY staff members advocated for Andrea and formed a support system for her.

Staff additionally met with Andrea to celebrate educational milestones and achievements, and to discuss any other education support she needed. 

Youth need connection, community and to celebrate important moments, and Aunt Leah’s Place provides this important support as well as financial assistance to support their education. 

Andrea has since gone on to graduate from her program and now works in the health care sector, as an emergency department nurse. She’s in contact with SEFFY staff. To give back and create opportunities for others like herself, Andrea created a peer-to-peer bursary, at Aunt Leah’s which she contributes to yearly.

Andrea, a previous SEFFY participant

“I’m so excited to be able to be in a position to help someone, just like how the SEFFY team and Aunt Leah’s Place helped me. I hope that as the years go by, I can increase the amount and help out more.” 

—Andrea, Former SEFFY Participant

Fall newsletter, a young man graduating

Education Supporters go to the Head of the Class!  

Did you know that in BC only 32% of foster youth graduate from high school within six years of entering Grade 8? That’s a marked difference from the overall graduation rate of 84%!

One of Aunt Leah’s most important achievements is the 74 youth who have graduated or are on track to graduate from high school between 2019 to 2022. 

We want to thank the Allan and Gill Gray Foundation – founded by Allan Gray, the owner of the international firm – Orbis Investments, for their extremely generous support which totaled $764,000. 

This deep commitment over the past 3 years enabled us to provide rental subsidies, bursaries, and tuition fees, as well as deliver staff support for education planning and navigation.

And our own local hero – The Trevor Linden Foundation, has supported our “High Needs Fund” which supports young people who need help with housing, childcare, technology, and supplies so they can continue with school. Since 2014 Trevor Linden has granted a total of $318,182 to the SEFFY program and this vital fund. Of that amount, $158,000 was given out to 140 students to enable them to participate in learning opportunities that significantly furthered their life goals.

Needless to say, these amazing philanthropists leave big shoes to fill. We ask that you share our stories of success far and wide as we reach out to future donors.  

Last year 176 young people took part in a wide variety of learning opportunities because of you, our generous donors – thank you! 

Supporters large and small – individuals, businesses and charitable foundations – continue to form the foundation of our education program. We deeply appreciate each and every one of you! Please continue to support the brighter futures that learning and education bring.

How else can I help?

There are many ways that you can help make a difference in the lives of the youth and moms we work with.

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