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You Can Do Anything to Raise Money

Need some inspiration? These are a few of our favourite campaigns.

Pledge your Birthday

Instead of receiving gifts this year, use your special day to raise funds and awareness.  Learn how to start a fundraiser in Facebook.

Host a Music Event

Put on an event by donation. Kids In Motion asked for donations to attend their annual dance recital, instead of selling tickets. 

Fitness Challenge

You can turn your marathon running, bike racing, love for yoga or zumba partying into a fundraiser.  Send us an email to set it up.

The Wedding Pledge

In lieu of gifts at their wedding, Drew & Sophie asked for donations to help youth succeed

Team Building Activities

Create a fundraiser, and invite your coworkers to join. Vancity Foundation staff organized a Gingerbread House contest.   

The Lemonade Stand

Teach philanthrophy early on, and get the kids involved. Bake sales and lemonade stands are an easy way to start.

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If you have a great idea for an event or any questions about how your raised funds will be used, please fill out the Campaign Form, check out our  Third Party Events Package and/or contact Lourdes Perez de Lara at 604-525-1204 ext. 233



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