Employing Youth From Care

The Bootstrap Project refers to the absurdly impossible action of “pulling oneself over a fence by one’s bootstraps”.

In today’s complex economy, most young people get their first few jobs through connections — relatives, teachers, coaches, friends and parents of friends.

Young people from foster care can come from families and social networks which are unable to provide these essential connections that allow for labour force integration.

Through the engagement of supportive employers, skills development partners, and wage subsidy opportunities youth are provided individualized employment supports, job placements and mentorship prospects as they journey forward towards sustainable employment.

In collaboration with Aunt Leah’s youth services, such as SEFFY (Supporting Education for Foster Youth), The Link, Support Link & Dan’s Legacy, Bootstraps aims to remove barriers to employment and enable youth in and from care every opportunity to explore, and advance their skills to find meaningful sustainable employment.

Bootstraps takes a holistic approach to addressing barriers to employment youth may face, while also coaching in critical employability skills.

Contact the Bootstraps Coordinator

For more information, or to set up an appointment please contact Bootstraps Coordinator Krista Pilz at kpilz@auntleahs.org, P : 604-525-1204 Ext 261 or C: 778-773-6197

Employer Contact

For more information on how your organization can get involved, please contact Aunt Leah’s Bootstraps Program Coordinator at  kpliz@auntleahs.org, or 604-525-1204 ext. 261 

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