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 What is Plates of Possibility?

Plates of Possibility is a series of crowd-sourcing events focused on youth in and from foster care. We aim to provide youth with the platform to share their community-based project ideas that will benefit themselves and other youth.

At each event, these youth present their projects throughout the evening while attendees enjoy a healthy and delicious meal. At the end of the night, attendees will vote on the project that they want to see brought to life, and the chosen presenters will go home with a full stomach and funding for their project!

By attending our event you can help us build a brighter future for these youth in and from care.

Highlights of Our First Event

On November 15th 2018, we were delighted to have NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh and MP Peter Julian join us at our first event. We're incredibly grateful to them for coming out and showing their support. Jagmeet gave an inspiring speech about the injustice towards youth in and from foster care and how there should be no barriers in the way of getting the support they need just as much as any other youth in the community.

Photos of Previous Events


We acknowledge the support of our generous sponsors who made our second event on June 18th 2019 possible. Thank you for supporting our mission!

We would also like to thank 6th Ave Bread & Deli, along with Connaught Heights Pentecostal Assembly for their generous support.