What is Plates of Possibility?

Plates of Possibility is a series of crowd-sourcing events focused on youth in and from foster care. We aim to provide youth with the platform to share their community-based project ideas that will benefit themselves and other youth.

At each event, these youth present their projects throughout the evening while attendees enjoy a healthy and delicious meal. At the end of the night, attendees will vote on the project that they want to see brought to life, and the chosen presenters will go home with a full stomach and funding for their project!

By attending our event you can help us a build a brighter future for these youth in and from care.

When: November 2019 – official date TBD

Past Winners

Devon Greening


Devon is Plates of Possibility's first winner. He received funding for his program called Spoons Up which is an online guide of accessible, free and low-cost food resources in the Lower Mainland designed with youth leaving care in mind. Each location has been personally visited by allies with lived experience and has been included because it offers quality food and is safe and welcoming for youth. Spoons up aims ensure food security, combat isolation and provide information about youth-specific resources for young people from care. This project would not be possible without the generous support by the Vancouver Foundation’s Fostering Change Initiative and Aunt Leah’s Place. We would also like to thank all the organizations who provide food and opportunities for youth in need.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Plates of Possibility?

Plates of Possibility is a series of crowd-sourcing dinners focused on youth in and from care. We aim to provide these youth with the platform to share their ideas and beliefs on what will benefit youth in our community the most by pitching their projects to the public. Our end goal is to jump-start one (or many!) of these project ideas through funding, relevant resources and community connections.

Who can apply?

Youth in and from care under the age of 30. You may apply as an individual or as part of a group.

What kinds of projects can apply?

Any non-profit project or idea that benefits youth in and from foster care. Get creative!

How do I submit my application?

https://auntleahs.org/plates-of-possibility-apply or in person at 816 20th Street in New Westminster.

Is this similar to TV shows such as Dragon’s Den?

We are more structured after the successful SOUP model. We are not looking for business proposals like in Dragon’s Den; we ask that all projects are non-profit and youth-oriented.

What if my organization or project isn’t youth based?

Our mission is to work with youth, so we ask that all projects that apply are focused on benefiting youth in our community.

What if my project isn’t chosen?

We are always trying our best to support as many projects as we can; whether that’s through consolation prizes at the event or ongoing non-monetary supports.

How long does my presentation have to be?

No more than 15 minutes. We will have “Youth Booth” tables set up for you/your group to provide more information to attendees throughout the evening.

In what format am I able to present? May I bring props?

Use the method that works best for you: verbally, digitally, using a model/mock-up, props, etc.


Can I pitch more than one idea during the event?

No, you may only apply to present one project. However, if you are part of a group/organization that has many different ideas we welcome other members of the group to submit their own applications.


How big can my team of presenters be?

A maximum of 4 presenters.


I am nervous about presenting; can someone else present for me?

Any youth directly involved with your project may present in your place. However, we encourage you to participate when your group presents, even if that means standing up with them on stage.


Can I invite my supporters to the event?

Of course! You can invite anyone you’d like and they can get their tickets on our website.


How much money is awarded to the winning project?

The amount awarded is based entirely on the funds raised through purchased tickets, donations, etc.


If I am chosen to receive the money does it have to go towards my project?

Yes. We also ask that the recipient(s) attends our next event and presents on how their project has progressed.


How will I receive the money if my project is chosen?

The funds will be entrusted to your Youth Advisory Committee if applicable; otherwise it will be entrusted to Aunt Leah’s Place. This is to ensure the funds are used towards your project.

What other, non-monetary support does Plates of Possibility offer to my project?

We can ensure ongoing support through promotion on social media and our page on the Aunt Leah’s website. Additionally, our sponsors and attendees may offer their own resources and opportunities for your project. We are always looking for more resources that provide support.

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