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Empowering Youth with Essential Life Skills

Aunt Leah’s is deeply committed to equipping young people with the necessary life skills to thrive in every area of their lives. Our life skills programs help participants establish healthy routines and learn to manage living on their own. These programs enrich participants’ lives, fostering independence and freeing up space to focus on education and employment goals.

Essential Skills Program

The Essential Skills program offers a variety of weekly workshops for current and former foster youth. These workshops help participants gain valuable life skills, connect socially, and give them opportunities to participate in creative and recreational activities. A healthy, delicious meal provided for everyone attending the workshop.


Establishing connections is crucial for everyone, especially youth connected to the foster care system and young mothers. The Connections program includes a weekly feast and Drop-in services that provide individualized support and community activities to help participants build community and prevent isolation and homelessness. Through creative activities, innovative holistic support practices, intergenerational activities, and a vision to build a permanent community for all youth in care, Connections brings people together to explore themselves, their communities and each other.

Branches AYA Life Skills Program

A 3 to 6 month program for former youth in care wishing to pursue life skills, including training, education and/or employment. Eligible participants will receive Agreements with Young Adults (AYA) funding, a Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) program that provides living funds and educational supports for up to 4 years. Eligible youth can access these funds non-consecutively, from the time they turn 19 to their 27th birthday.

Dan’s Legacy

Aunt Leah’s has partnered with Dan’s Legacy to provide youth connected to foster care and young moms access to trauma-informed therapy. This program provides counselling services for four-months, empowering participants through this important form of self care. Therapy is an essential tool that helps enable participants to successfully maintain housing, benefit from training and life-skills programs, and stay in recovery.

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Your support helps kids in foster care and young mothers achieve a better future.