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Who is Leah?

The  Story Behind the Name

Born on a hundred-acre farm in southern Ontario, Gale Stewart, Aunt Leah’s founder, was the special granddaughter to Leah. Gale was deeply influenced by Leah’s love, loyalty and compassion for people who struggled with poverty and adversity.

A committed foster parent herself, Gale saw the injustice and challenges that youth faced leaving government care. She began our organization in the spirit of Leah in 1988.

The organization has become a tribute to Gale’s memories of Leah.

In a profound and almost magical way Leah has imparted a warm, vital and creative energy that allows us to support the many young moms, children and youth who come through our doors. These young people have suffered the loss of family and community. We attempt to become that strong alternate caregiver that Leah represents.