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Housing, Lifeskills, Education, Employment


Our programs are designed to create an environment where all children connected to the foster care system have equal opportunities akin to those of parented youth. Similar to a family, we help participants secure safe housing, coach them in essential life skills, and open the doors to a brighter future.
Programs for
Youth & Mothers
  1. Housing
  2. Life Skills
  3. Education
  4. Employment


Aunt Leah’s Place provides housing and homelessness prevention for youth from care and families at-risk of losing child custody. Aunt Leah’s uses a variety of strategies to help keep participants housed: rental supplements, landlord relations, tenancy education, shared/supportive housing, 2nd stage housing, mixed-income apartments, scattered site housing, damage deposits, suite set-ups, rehousing, and regular site visits.
Our programs target the entry and exit points of the foster care system, with a goal of providing supports, resources and opportunities similar to those provided by average Canadian families. As such, over the past five years – 
and in response to unaffordable rental housing markets – 
Aunt Leah’s has supported an increasingly greater proportion of its participants with housing and subsidies.

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Your support helps kids in foster care and young mothers achieve a better future.